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Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta

Going back to the past is impossible, however, there is a place that offers charter bus visitors a chance to experience a little of how it was in the Shakespearean era.Shakespeare Tavern, home to the Atlanta Shakespeare Company and Chef for a Night catering offers British pub food and beverages before each performance.

Located at 499 Peachtree Street since 1990, Shakespeare Tavern is a place of live music, hand-crafted period costumes, outrageous sword fights with the entire experience centered on the passion and poetry of the spoken word.

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The Quaint City of Decatur

If you are not particularly keen on visiting a metropolitan city like downtown Atlanta, there is a fascinating quaint city near Atlanta, although slightly isolated. This city is called Decatur, and is centered on the historic Decatur Courthouse.

Previously a railroad transportation hub, Decatur is now one of the parts in Atlanta that maintains its small town, artsy feel. Because Atlanta itself it a city that is known for its business and fast paced international corporate life, Decatur can be said to be a city that is the opposite of that, moving at a slower, more relaxed pace.

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What to see in Atlanta in Three Days

Planning a short trip to Atlanta? Since there is so much to see, charter bus visitors should visit the most iconic attractions in Atlanta in order to see the best this state has to offer.

For Day 1 in Atlanta

  • World of Coca-Cola
  • Georgia Aquarium
  • CNN Studio Tour

At World of Coca-Cola, you get to see the way this world famous soda is made. In addition, there are more than 1,200 artifacts that have never been seen before. For Coca-Cola lovers, you would be ecstatic to know that you can try more than 60 different beverages made by the company from different countries all over the world.

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See Beyond the Ordinary at Underground Atlanta

Being called the capital of the new South may have something to do with the many amazing tourist attractions that is simply growing exponentially in Atlanta. And that isn’t the only name that Atlanta have attracted over the years, many bus charters Atlanta customers agree to the nickname ‘best place to do business’ too. The second nickname is a testament to the fact that large international organizations and brand names have already begun setting up camp in local Atlanta’s city center, creating millions of new jobs and generating incredible income for the city. Ever since it hosted the Olympics, Atlanta is on fire in a good way.

And away from all the glitter, you have to come see something completely different from what is always advertised and promoted, don’t you? There is no better place to see all of it, in its completely unabashed glory, than Underground Atlanta.

We wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is a bus charters Atlanta shopping destination despite the fact that there are shops. They sell your everyday stuff, clothing, electronics and souvenirs and gifts but that is not what you will be here for. You are here for a bit of a culture shock.

For those who are more accustomed to high class hotels, trendy malls and elite restaurants, this is not your place. Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, this scene is as low-down and local as you can get. It is bustling with activity regardless of the time of the day but we do not recommend heading out to underground on your own after the sun goes down. The great thing about underground is that it features some of Atlanta’s most talented artists and unsung heroes that never got the chance of the day to be featured on television. We like to do some people-watching here too because as with many of our other Atlanta bus charters customers, we were never really exposed to anything beyond street-level activities so, this was a pretty interesting stop for us.

What you can expect from underground is real life everyday drama, fortune-telling (it doesn’t matter if you believe them or not, it is just for the whole bus charters Atlanta tour experience, of course), great home-made food, history on what happened during America’s most serious civil wars and endless entertainment.

Come over with an open-mind and open-heart and we assure you that you will enjoy the place without getting a heart attack. The main point of the bus charters Atlanta visit is to see what you do not ordinarily see at street level, beyond all the touristy stuff that you are already doing, anyway.

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum

Said to be one of the most interesting, enlightening and amazing Presidential museums in the country, the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum is definitely a place that you should visit, if you have not been there before. It would also be an excellent idea to charter an Atlanta bus and bring your whole family there to visit and learn about the life of the country’s 39th President.

For many visitors to the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum in the Atlanta charter bus, they feel so privileged to be able to visit the museum that houses his private and official papers during his time in office. In fact, one of the best parts about the museum is the full scale replica of the Oval Office, which many visitors enjoy, as it would not be possible for the public to be able to enter into the real thing. If this is your first visit to the museum with your family members, it would be a good idea to give yourselves at least two hours to leisurely walk through the museum. After all, it would not be fun to come all the way to the museum and rush through the tour, would it? And if you are planning to visit with your family, surely you want to give ample time for your kids to learn as they tour the museum – who knows, they may even learn a thing or two about the life of the 39th President that they probably do not get to read about in their books in school.

Before you call up the Atlanta charter bus company to book a bus for the trip, do note that the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum are open from Mondays right through to Saturdays from 9am until 4:45pm and on Sundays, it is open from noon right up to 4:45pm. They are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s days. However, the library is only open from Mondays to Fridays, 8:30am until 4:30pm and is closed on all Federal holidays. Before you and your family members enter into the museum, you will notice that it has a beautiful garden entrance that leads to the building and the museum is nicely laid out and as you walk through the museum, you will see the life of Jimmy Carter – beginning from his early childhood to how he got involved with politics, his campaigns, presidency and then his charitable works. What better way to learn about the life of our past presidents if not through a museum such as this?

Fox Theatre, Atlanta

The Fox Theatre in Atlanta is a theatre that is filled with much “drama” – and we are not just talking about the shows that have been performed here before, we are also talking about the history behind this majestic theatre. Even if you don’t feel like watching a performance here at the Fox Theatre, you can always charter an Atlanta bus and visit the theatre just to learn more about the history behind it and believe us; it will be worth the trip.

Should this be your first trip to the Fox Theatre in a chartered Atlanta charter bus, perhaps you may not even know the history behind it. Did you know that the Fox Theatre in Atlanta was not originally built as a theatre? Instead, it was originally meant to be built as a home for Atlanta’s Shriners organization. In order to create a headquarters that would also befit the group’s high flying social status, the Shriners looked to the Far East for inspiration and that’s where they came up with the idea of a mosque style structure that best fit their stature. However, soon it was clear that the fantastic and intricate designs of the building became a financial burden that the Shriners could no longer bear the costs, so they had to lease it to William Fox, a movie tycoon. However, things became to look bleak and unpromising for the Fox Theatre to continue during the Great Depression, and because of the love for the theatre, Atlanta moviegoers came together to raise funds to save the theatre. Hence, the Fox Theatre remains standing where it is today.

Throughout the whole theatre, as Atlanta chartered bus guests entered into the building, it would seem as though they have just been transported into another world altogether with its Arabian Nights theme interior (think Aladdin – or something to that effect). An additional plus point about the Fox Theatre is the “Dinner & A Show Package” that they offer to moviegoers. They will pair up different movies or performances with a dinner for their guests, so you not only get to enjoy a good show, but also fill up your hungry tummies before the show starts.

The Fox Theatre is also a place where corporate functions as well as private parties are held and with the service of a chartered bus in Atlanta, planning a birthday party or a wedding reception here is not a problem at all. While you are there, don’t forget to check out their one-of-a-kind restrooms – you’ll have to be there in person to find out why!

Enter into the World of Coca-Cola®

On a hot day, a cold drink is always welcoming – especially so if it is the world’s most famous drink – Coca-Cola®! But have you ever wanted to visit the World of Coca-Cola® located at 121 Baker Street, NW Atlanta GA 30313 to find out what makes it so popular and the history of it all? And since you will be chartering a bus for this trip, why not invite your friends who also love drinking Coca-Cola® to come with you as well? In fact, the more, the merrier the trip will be!

Normally, a tour around the World of Coca-Cola® takes up about 2 hours, so be sure to plan your time of visit carefully – and if you are not sure what else is there to do after visiting the World of Coca-Cola®, you may check with your Atlanta bus charter company for suggestions. However, the opening times and closing times at the World of Coca-Cola® are subjected to change from time to time, so it is best to check ahead of time the opening and closing time on the day and date that you and your friends want to go.

As you alight from your Atlanta charter bus, a sense of excitement fills the air as you walk towards the entrance of the World of Coca-Cola® and entering into the lobby – where you will see huge replica bottles of Coca-Cola® on display. The next place that you will be visiting is the Coca-Cola® Loft – a place full of the artifacts of Coca-Cola® from the past right up to present. There are two levels in the building, so take your time to enjoy the tour.

Visitors are allowed to take photographs and video during their tour, so be sure to bring along your cameras and video recorders, and if you want, they also have an on-site photographer to take your photo at any one of the SharpShooter Imaging located in various spots inside the building. After having finished the tour, you can later drop by their Imaging Gallery at the Coca-Cola® Store to purchase your photos. Other than your own photos, there are also other Coca-Cola® decorative items, unique art pieces, clothings and accessories that you can purchase and bring home for keepsake.

Don’t leave the World of Coca-Cola® in your chartered bus without first drinking up a bottle of Coca-Cola® and having a quick bite at the new Pemberton Café, located alongside the World of Coca-Cola® and Georgia Aquarium.