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See Beyond the Ordinary at Underground Atlanta

November 4, 2013

Being called the capital of the new South may have something to do with the many amazing tourist attractions that is simply growing exponentially in Atlanta. And that isn’t the only name that Atlanta have attracted over the years, many bus charters Atlanta customers agree to the nickname ‘best place to do business’ too. The second nickname is a testament to the fact that large international organizations and brand names have already begun setting up camp in local Atlanta’s city center, creating millions of new jobs and generating incredible income for the city. Ever since it hosted the Olympics, Atlanta is on fire in a good way.

And away from all the glitter, you have to come see something completely different from what is always advertised and promoted, don’t you? There is no better place to see all of it, in its completely unabashed glory, than Underground Atlanta.

We wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is a bus charters Atlanta shopping destination despite the fact that there are shops. They sell your everyday stuff, clothing, electronics and souvenirs and gifts but that is not what you will be here for. You are here for a bit of a culture shock.

For those who are more accustomed to high class hotels, trendy malls and elite restaurants, this is not your place. Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, this scene is as low-down and local as you can get. It is bustling with activity regardless of the time of the day but we do not recommend heading out to underground on your own after the sun goes down. The great thing about underground is that it features some of Atlanta’s most talented artists and unsung heroes that never got the chance of the day to be featured on television. We like to do some people-watching here too because as with many of our other Atlanta bus charters customers, we were never really exposed to anything beyond street-level activities so, this was a pretty interesting stop for us.

What you can expect from underground is real life everyday drama, fortune-telling (it doesn’t matter if you believe them or not, it is just for the whole bus charters Atlanta tour experience, of course), great home-made food, history on what happened during America’s most serious civil wars and endless entertainment.

Come over with an open-mind and open-heart and we assure you that you will enjoy the place without getting a heart attack. The main point of the bus charters Atlanta visit is to see what you do not ordinarily see at street level, beyond all the touristy stuff that you are already doing, anyway.

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