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Enter into the World of Coca-Cola®

June 13, 2013

On a hot day, a cold drink is always welcoming – especially so if it is the world’s most famous drink – Coca-Cola®! But have you ever wanted to visit the World of Coca-Cola® located at 121 Baker Street, NW Atlanta GA 30313 to find out what makes it so popular and the history of it all? And since you will be chartering a bus for this trip, why not invite your friends who also love drinking Coca-Cola® to come with you as well? In fact, the more, the merrier the trip will be!

Normally, a tour around the World of Coca-Cola® takes up about 2 hours, so be sure to plan your time of visit carefully – and if you are not sure what else is there to do after visiting the World of Coca-Cola®, you may check with your Atlanta bus charter company for suggestions. However, the opening times and closing times at the World of Coca-Cola® are subjected to change from time to time, so it is best to check ahead of time the opening and closing time on the day and date that you and your friends want to go.

As you alight from your Atlanta charter bus, a sense of excitement fills the air as you walk towards the entrance of the World of Coca-Cola® and entering into the lobby – where you will see huge replica bottles of Coca-Cola® on display. The next place that you will be visiting is the Coca-Cola® Loft – a place full of the artifacts of Coca-Cola® from the past right up to present. There are two levels in the building, so take your time to enjoy the tour.

Visitors are allowed to take photographs and video during their tour, so be sure to bring along your cameras and video recorders, and if you want, they also have an on-site photographer to take your photo at any one of the SharpShooter Imaging located in various spots inside the building. After having finished the tour, you can later drop by their Imaging Gallery at the Coca-Cola® Store to purchase your photos. Other than your own photos, there are also other Coca-Cola® decorative items, unique art pieces, clothings and accessories that you can purchase and bring home for keepsake.

Don’t leave the World of Coca-Cola® in your chartered bus without first drinking up a bottle of Coca-Cola® and having a quick bite at the new Pemberton Café, located alongside the World of Coca-Cola® and Georgia Aquarium.

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